FreqUENtly Asked Questions

Sales Topics |

What is the turnaround time before my order is ready ?

Our turnaround is, like for all pressing plants, fluctuant. We always focusing to get the best turnaround time possible worlwide, and we are usually known as the quickest vinyl factory in the world. However please keep in mind that pressing vinyl record is a really complicated process with a lot of unpredictable troubles which make small delays possible. Please always plan your releases with few weeks of margin.

Is it possible to press any music I want on a Record ?

You have to own the copyrights of the music and we need a Mechanical License to press your Records. From a legal perspective we are not allowed to ship your Records before we have this license. You can request one from the copyright organisation you are associated with, by exemple for France : SDRM, UK : PRS for Music, Germany : GEMA, Netherlands : BUMA.

Shipping Topics

Where are you shipping ?

We are shipping Worlwide with TNT/FEDEX for box shipments, DASCHER and several local transport companies for pallets. We highly recommend to our customers to choose to send it by pallet whenever possible, to ensure that the products are received in perfect condition.

What about VAT and import duties?

Custom duties should not applicable within the EU. Customers from the EU do not pay VAT if they are VAT registered. All prices stated in our price lists and on invoices do not include VAT (unless otherwise stated). Non VAT registered companies or individuals will be charged with French VAT at a rate of 20% except if the customer is based in Poland, where the polish VAT of 23% will be applied.

Can I also collect my order at Kuroneko Phonogram Manufacture ?

That’s no problem, please make an appointment with us and you can take your order with you.

Production Topics |

Is a Test Pressing necessary and recommended?

Yes. In order to avoid any confusion / misunderstanding, we always strongly recommend you to order Test Pressings. By receiving Test Pressing, you can check before the final order if everything is ok. When the Test Pressing are approved, we start pressing your order. If you’re not satisfied with the test pressing, you can contact us so we can improve the pressing.
In the case, you would decide to not ordering test pressing no complaints about the sound will be accepted on your final order.

Can I check the test pressings on a basic turntable?

We recommend you to listen to the Test Pressings on a high end turntable containing a high quality cartridge and stylus and to clean these before listening as well. You want to make sure you get as much quality as possible. Listen on different audio systems to be sure about the quality.

I don’t like the quality of the test pressing, what do I do now?

Listen to the Test Pressings on different audio systems, and try another cartridge or stylus in order to make sure the problem is not in the equipment. If the issue is still present on the Record, please contact us so we can improve the Pressing if needed.